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Friday, Sep 23
10:00am — 11:00am
Maker Track Venue - Denver Place Conference Room
106 attending

Brain Capital: Neuroscience-inspired Investment and Public Policy Innovation

Good mental health plays a significant role in an individual’s well-being and profoundly impacts the collective economy and society. CU Denver’s Imaginator Academy is part of the global leadership group launching a multi-national and multi-organizational program called the Brain Capital Alliance.

The concept of “Brain Capital” considers mental health and brain skills, including resilience, creativity and adaptability, as indispensable parts of the knowledge economy. This Brain Capital framework offers a new approach to mental health, human capital, and the economy. It delves into how the economy works and interacts bi-directionally with the human brain.

In this session for Denver Startup Week, Theo Edmonds (CU Denver) will provide attendees early access insights into how this work can be deployed to increase ROI in private sector innovation and to support venture capital in expanding its understanding of where to look for the next breakout entrepreneurial ideas.