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Friday, Sep 23
12:00pm — 1:00pm
Spotlight Track Venue - The Commons on Champa
105 attending

Building the Betterverse: Why the next media entertainment revolution will start at home, and how Denver can lead it.

As the creator economy reaches new heights in content creation and production, a new ecosystem of media entertainment is emerging. One that is centered on independent creators, and one certain to unlock enormous economic growth for the creators and the communities they call home.

The universality of digital streaming platforms and social media led us to believe that there wasn’t a need for local connection. We now know this couldn’t be further from the truth. On the eve of the Metaverse, we need a unifying and diverse “Local Blueprint” to meet this moment and build a sustainable creator economy right here in Denver. This panel will engage current and future stakeholders in the community to discuss why and how Denver becomes a regional and national leader in the next era of media entertainment.

Kate Atwood
Leslie Herod
Jesse Montano
Blake Rubenstein
Nesha Nycee