2022 Schedule

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Friday, Sep 23
11:00am — 12:00pm
People Track Venue - INDUSTRY Denver
162 attending

Slow Down Grasshopper, It's Time for Yin Leadership

Is there room for listening to my heart and soul in my business? What happens if I slow down from the rush and grind? Will I lose ground if I pause from the chase and race for more? After focusing far too long on outer power and strength (yang), Yin Leadership is a paradigm shift about who we are, what determines success, and how we live our lives. Instead of measuring, competing, and feeling like we are not enough, Yin Leadership is a path home to sustainable peace and harmony. By nourishing ourselves and embracing wellness as a lifestyle rather than a box to check, we tap into the unlimited reservoir of creativity and courage already within us. We also create a culture for those we lead to flourish and thrive inside out.

-Michanda Lindsey