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Wednesday, Sep 21
9:30am — 10:30am
Founder Track Venue - Denver Place
141 attending

Entrepreneurship and Founding as a Parent - Why It's Different and Even Better

Entrepreneurship and founding a company is not for everyone. So what is the right type of person then? Someone who is risk averse, confident, smart, innovative? Yes, absolutely, but it may surprise you that parents might just be as well suited as anyone. Join a panel of parents on a mission to build impactful companies as they share about their journeys, the differences, the pros, the cons, and everything in between!

Panelists include:
CEO & Co-Founder of TULA, Megan Trask
CEO & Founder of Born Fitness, Two12, & Pen Name Consulting, Adam Bornstein
Co-Founder of SecondActWomen, Guadalupe Hirt
CEO &Co-Founder of Alpine Media Technology, HOAM, & Quiltt, Freddie Peyerl
Founder of Eazy Media, Fa'al Ali