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Tuesday, Sep 20
12:00pm — 1:00pm
Growth Track Venue - 1550 Wynkoop
283 attending

The Laws and Levers of Brand Science

Brilliant, effective marketing can be broken into two parts: laws and levers. The laws of marketing, while well-known in academia for 50 years, are new news for most marketers. And several of them fly in the face of some of our most common ideas about how shoppers shop and how brands work.

Using 50 years of marketing science, I first dispel the most common myths of marketing, and explain the latest science of how branding and advertising actually work. By understanding these basic laws, leaders can avoid the most common pitfalls that even the world’s largest brands stumble into.

But laws are just half the picture. That’s where levers come in. Building on 20 years of working in creative agencies and applying the latest science of consumer behavior and advertising, I then teach you the strategic and creative levers that you can pull to attract shoppers, build your brand, and grow your business.

And though the laws are universal, I help you choose which levers are right for your brand, your budgets, and your business.

Outcomes for the audience:

Dispelling the most prevalent myths about how brands grow
Learning the three most important and universal laws of marketing
Learning the difference between laws and levers
Getting an overview of strategic and creative levers for effective brand-building