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Tuesday, Sep 20
1:30pm — 2:30pm
Capital One Café
169 attending

Founder Failure and Managing Your Mental Health

We need to talk about failure and mental health. While we know failure is part of the process, failure can often severely affect our mental health. The session features two legends of the Colorado Startup Community:

Sam Tarintino - Sam pioneered the music industry as the CEO and co-founder of Grooveshark from 2006 - 2015. He and co-founder Josh Greenberg built the company to 30 million active users, over 100 employees, $15M / year in revenue, and fought a 17 billion dollar lawsuit from the Major Record Labels. Today he continues to advise and build new companies through his experience with both success and failure. His story of perseverance and resilience shows us the good that can come from difficult times. He's currently the CEO of Augron and the Founder of Chromatic FM.

Krista Morgan - Krista is a General Partner at Stage, a PE firm that makes control investments in early stage technology companies that need an alternative path to venture. Prior to joining Stage she was cofounder and CEO of P2Binvestor (P2Bi), a Denver-based fintech company. P2Bi became a leader in marketplace lending, funding $1B to small businesses. She holds a BA in Economics from McGill University. Her story not only reveals character and but an inspiring level of determination.

Chris Franks - Co-Founder of Denver Startup Week, Co-Founder of Denver Founders Network, and serial entrepreneur, will host the session.