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Wednesday, Sep 21
2:30pm — 3:30pm
Founder Track Venue - Denver Place
166 attending

Perfecting the Art of the Pivot: How to Know When to Change Your Business Model

As a startup, sometimes the obvious isn't so…obvious. Brands often discover that hiding in their product is a brilliant solution for another market or their chosen market needs a different product entirely. Learn from four growth-minded companies-all founded by women-who discovered their product had more growth capacity and sustainable revenue through a different business model. Discover how they found their niche, what it took to pivot the product development and sales from one vertical to another, and how you can uncover a new product/market fit to create exponential growth.

Nicole Cox, Co-Founder of Pomp
Shail Mehta, Founder of The Last Gameboard
Amy Molk, Founder of Beanstalk
Jane Sagui, Co-Founder of Pollie