2022 Schedule

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Wednesday, Sep 21
11:00am — 12:00pm
Growth Track Venue - 1550 Wynkoop
150 attending

The Hidden CRO Gem

I’ll be honest. Conversion Rate Optimization isn’t main our focus as an agency. We’re Digital Marketers, so we’re trying to build a brand, drive traffic and make sales. We aren’t managing detailed A/B split tests to bump conversion rates regularly. We’re more like the crew will let you know you are doing something that will kill your conversion rates.

But, a few years ago, we stumbled on something that has dramatically improved conversion rates for one of our clients. Now it’s a best practice at our agency - in retrospect, it feels so obvious, yet so few brands are thinking this way (mainly because CRO gets siloed from Digital Marketing at many organizations).

Hear the story of how one small campaign completely taught us a way to dramatically improve conversion rates. Then, learn the technique that has both increased conversion rates & average order values on a bunch of our clients.