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Thursday, Sep 22
2:30pm — 3:30pm
Founder Track Venue - Denver Place
205 attending

How to Create Inner Strength as your Build the Company of your Dreams - the Conscious Entrepreneur Panel at DSW

Being a founder can be really hard. It's stressful, lonely and full of surprises - but many people don't know this when they are just starting out. First time founders and often preparing for a sprint rather than a marathon - and then they burnout, develop bad habits and don't reach their full potential.

Far too many companies fail because of burnout and the inability of the founder(s) to navigate the ups-and-downs of startup life. Being resilient and having resources that you can draw on are more important than ever, especially in the current environment.

In this panel discussion, you will gain insights from 3 founders from diverse backgrounds (Viswa Colluru, Ph.D. Founder & CEO of Enveda Biosciences, Makisha Boothe of SistahBiz and Lopa van der Mersch of Rasa) about how they navigate the pressures of being an entrepreneur.

We will go deep into:

  • the mental models of entrepreneurs,
  • how to avoid burnout,
  • overcoming impostor syndrome,
  • building resilience
  • letting go of fear

Join us and invest in your own well-being!