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Tuesday, Sep 20
3:00pm — 4:00pm
Capital One Café
134 attending

What the HR: The 3 secrets to small business HR, without hiring in-house or becoming an HR professional yourself

What the HR: The 3 secrets to small business HR, without hiring in-house or becoming an HR professional yourself

What are the top three secrets to building infrastructure at your growing business that will help you scale? Attend this presentation to find out.

With this shift, we have seen over the past few years and specifically over the past two years, it is becoming increasingly clear that having a full-time HR professional in your office is not always necessary.

It is important to understand the basics, but many times a full-time HR pro is not in the budget or the plan for a business with only a few employees.

Here is what I am going to cover in this Masterclass:

We will review the 3 secrets to small business HR without hiring in-house or becoming an HR professional yourself.

  1. The number 1 mistake business owners make when managing employees: Trying to do it themselves or pass it on to someone who specializes in something else, like accounting - to save money and time, but ends up costing more money and time.
  2. The secret to avoiding a lawsuit without having to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for an in-house professional, or passing it off to someone without certifications.
  3. The little-known fact is that your HR handbook is truly the base building block of your business and should reflect you personally as a business owner while maintaining the legal requirements.

If you have employees or plan to hire employees, do not wait to get the basics in place.

There are 5 main pillars that must be in place to hold up a growing business. Those 5 pillars include People, Processes, Leadership, Compliance, and Culture. We will touch on the importance of each of these.

I have been where you are, doing it all. As a business owner myself, I know we are all doing our best to operate a successful, healthy business. However, as I am sure you know, no one can predict the future and do it all themselves. Trust me, I have tried. Come hang with me for 30-60 minutes and learn the basics of HR and how to prepare your business for success over the coming years.

Katie Spadoro, PHR - Founder of CYB Human Resources

Rachel Patch, SHRM-CP - HR Generalist, CYB Human Resources

Katie Spadoro