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Wednesday, Sep 21
1:00pm — 2:00pm
People Track Venue - INDUSTRY Denver
218 attending

Start Right, Stay Right: How to Set Employees Up for Success in the Remote Environment

It’s an employee market. How will you stand out? Having a fun culture and job perks may get teammates in the door, but how you set them up for success is the real investment. Evolve developed a strategy to onboard 74% of their current employees in the past two years while increasing their onboarding satisfaction score to over 95%. Oh, and did we mention this was done completely remotely?

Join a hands-on workshop with Tyrese Harris and Katelyn Griffen of Evolve where you will leave with actionable ways to create a better onboarding experience.

What you’ll learn:

How to inclusively welcome a new team member
Best practices for engagement and connection in a remote world
Ways to effectively streamline onboarding processes
How to emphasize the right things at the right time in a way that’s inclusive for all learning styles