2022 Schedule

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Tuesday, Sep 20
1:00pm — 2:00pm
People Track Venue - INDUSTRY Denver
235 attending

From the Great Resignation to the Great Retention

The Great Resignation to the Great Retention will discuss how companies can acquire and
retain top talent. CEO of professional development company Haevn Justin Simpkins, will
facilitate a discussion between Founding Executive Director of Project Potluck Kathleen
Casanova, Associate Professor at CU Boulder Sabrina Vulpone, and Haevn Chief of Staff
Dwayne Griffith. This panel will look through the lenses of recruiters, students, employees,
academics, and companies in order to provide insights into how relationships in the workplace
lead to confidence, engagement, and results. There will be a casual mixer at the bar/food truck
lawn of Improper City across the street immediately after. This panel is extremely passionate
about reconceptualizing the workplace and the discussion along with a Q&A is sure to provide a
deep dive into the future of talent relationships.