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Wednesday, Sep 21
4:00pm — 5:00pm
Downtown Denver Partnership Board Room
86 attending

Replatform: A thoughtful approach to the biggest decision on your roadmap

New technology, growing or changing business needs, technical debt and a host of other concerns are present for any startup engineering team as they contemplate their current and future platform needs. Choosing the best technology is a relatively small piece of the puzzle - a key input but making decisions purely through that lens will leave you in a tough place with your business stakeholders. In this session we will explore the layers of business need, financial reality, technical complexity, and developer experience that we consider when evaluating our current and future platform needs at The Pro’s Closet.

Matthew is a servant-leader with nearly 25 years experience leading high-growth software engineering teams. Matthew is currently CTO at The Pro's Closet, where we are dedicated to serving the Cycling community, and the world at large through a sustainable approach to recommerce. He is passionate about technical architecture, product/market fit, and serving enthusiast communities.

Graham Batzler is a full stack engineer who has spent the last decade building scalable software with a focus on great developer experience. Graham is currently a platform architect at The Pro’s Closet, where he works on next-generation ecommerce systems to support the future of the cycling industry. He is passionate about team building, web technologies, JAMstack architecture, and serverless applications.

Graham Batzler
Matthew Boeckman