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Wednesday, Sep 21
11:00am — 11:30am
Downtown Denver Partnership Board Room
100 attending

User authentication with OAuth, OIDC, and FIDO with examples

Passwords are SO yesteryear, get with the times and see how you can offer and integrate the latest and greatest user authentication protocols in your applications for better security and better user convenience. There will be working examples of passwordless login with FIDO tokens, integration with 3rd party OIDC providers, and delegated auth via OAuth.

Speaker: Neil Proctor, CEO and Founder of Vault Vision, a leading identity management platform for SaaS startups. His current vision is to rid the world of passwords through strong user authentication. Previously, Neil Proctor was the Vice President of Engineering and R&D at Acronis SCS and General Manager of Marketing Applications and Sr. Director of Engineering for GoDaddy.

Neil Proctor