2022 Schedule

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Thursday, Sep 22
4:00pm — 5:00pm
Designer Track Venue - 1245 Champa Studio at the Commons
120 attending

Don't Get NFTeased!

NFTs aren’t even the wave of the future anymore. They’re here! As a creative, you need to have a good handle on what they are, why they are important, and the legal issues that come along with them. We will do a demo walking you through the right and wrong ways to create your own NFT. Considerations include intellectual property rights clearance; how to properly market and sell your NFT; what to do if an NFT is infringing; how to avoid financial crimes; how to handle data hosting, privacy, and security; how to plan for succession and estate planning; what you need to know about taxation and securities classifications. We’ve got you covered, and we’ve got a special surprise planned for you, too!

Hosted by:
Colin Fletcher, Milgrom & Daskam Of Counsel
Jared Stipelman, Milgrom & Daskam Of Counsel
Jon Milgrom, Managing Partner, Milgrom & Daskam


Jared Stipelman
Colin Fletcher
Jon Milgrom