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Monday, Sep 19
3:00pm — 4:00pm
People Track Venue - INDUSTRY Denver
78 attending

The Cryptocurrency Frenzy: Planning for Employee Compensation with Bitcoin

In this new work world, labor shortages and skills gaps exist across the country. The ways in which we work, receive benefits, and get paid are changing. Before COVID-19, who would have believed that employees could demand to be allowed to work from home and never return to the office? Companies such as Cisco and LinkedIn allowing permanent work-from-home situations was unimaginable.

Remote working is one example of how the traditional employment model has changed. While the pandemic changed where we work, the cryptocurrency explosion also started to transform how employees get paid.

In this session, Rey Ramirez and Jason Walker will explore why they expect U.S. Bitcoin adoption to increase in the months and years ahead, and payment queries from workers to grow from murmurs into a clamor. It’s a question of when, not if. In anticipation of that shift, they will share suggestions to help companies prepare.