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Friday, Oct 8
11:00am — 12:00pm
Virtual Individual Presentation
273 attending

Create More Connection! Powerful Neuroscience of Communication

After 20+ years studying the human brain, Dr. Paul Zak discovered a unique brain state called Immersion where people are heavily engaged with the content or event they are currently experiencing. And measuring Immersion states can determine actions and outcomes with over 80% accuracy! With this information - Dr. Paul Zak knows exactly what it takes for you and your startup to connect to your audience.

Dr. Paul and his team want to bring this groundbreaking science to the Denver Startup Week stage in a powerful session that will identify what it takes to connect to your audience - whether it’s clients, customers, investors or employees. Based on actual neuroscience!

In this session, Dr. Paul Zak and his team will present findings from 20+ years of research and working with companies like BBDO, Accenture, Lion’s Gate and even the US Government. Similar to his wildly popular Ted Talk about Trust, Morality and Oxytocin that received a quarter million views, this session will educate the Denver Startup Week audience on the powerful neuroscience behind connection that teaches us to better reach our audiences in all situations. We will demonstrate the importance of connection in communication for startups and how to create more of it by building on neurological insights.

This is paramount for our community! Communication and connection will always be the lifeblood of startups. Whether it’s new clients, investors, employees or even just networking at dinner parties - this is information everyone can use!

Dr. Paul Zak is a powerful speaker in this space. Visit PaulJZak.com to see more about the national platforms where he’s presented his work. We cannot wait to bring his voice and our science to the stage at Denver Startup Week!

Arlynn Memsic
Dr. Paul Zak
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