2020 Schedule

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Thursday, Sep 17
3:00pm — 4:00pm
Virtual Panel
162 attending

Making Business Human

2020 has served it up, and we are all (every single one of us) in the midst of change, deep unlearning, and a mixture of emotions as we look to the future. And as life changes (newsflash: it is always changing), so must our businesses or we will be left behind. In the midst of change, we all have a beautiful opportunity to look at systems and ways of doing business that weren't created with inclusivity. We have all worked hard to fit into those systems and at the expense of what? Let us come together to explore and rethink our policies, our systems, our procedures, our labels and language in our day-to-day operations. Join Dianne Myles (she/her) of DopeMomLife and Goal Coach and Speaker Jacki Carr (she/her) for an intimate and open conversation about reshaping our businesses to be more human.

Jacki Carr
Dianne Myles
Lee Cloud
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