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Tuesday, Sep 15
8:00am — 9:00am
Virtual Individual Presentation
392 attending

The Purposeful Innovator

The Purposeful Innovator is an invitation to game changing business leaders and entrepreneurs to bring their whole and higher selves to ideas that create transformation in that thriving space where integrity and innovation meet. Carnellia will share a proven framework and process for a purposeful approach to creating technology-based products that solve, with compassion, some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Products with intention and a purpose-driven mission keep in mind a greater impact. This is a call to action for the private sector and entrepreneurs to partner in the purposeful innovation movement toward meaningful and purposeful products and services. Companies, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs alike are slowly waking up to the challenge of moving forward in new ways that are purposeful and human centered. Inviting listeners to join the tribe of purposeful innovators and inventors in building the future we deserve.

This session will share compelling stories of founders, framework, and process toward product development that will flourish while solving the kinds of problems that stir one’s passions and meaningful contributions.

Carnellia Ajasin is a technology product executive, startup advisor, angel investor, author and founder of Mind Katalyst, a design and strategy technology firm. From digital to physical she specializes in applying human-centered design principles to help clients define, design and develop software and hardware products that achieve business objectives, relevance, meaning and competitive advantage. Carnellia and her team help ambitious organizations, nonprofits and entrepreneurs stay relevant, understand digital trends, emerging technology and create growth through the development of meaningful and purposeful software and hardware products and services.

Carnellia Ajasin
Kylie (Borgias) Kloeckner
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