2020 Schedule

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Monday, Sep 14
5:00pm — 5:30pm
Virtual Individual Presentation
605 attending

Execution! (Because no one gives a shit about your idea)

In order to succeed, you have to have a great idea, right? Wrong! Your idea is 10% of the journey. How you execute will determine the rest! How many companies with amazing ideas do we know of that went bust? Remember Pets.com? On the contrary, how many companies with "rediculous ideas" do we know of that have reached enormous success? Hmmm...Amazon comes to mind!
Join Arezou Zarafshan (founder & CEO of AZA Consulting, startup coach, former investor) and Liz Oertle (co-founder & CEO of Nanno, execution prowess, attorney) as they will give you their insights on executing for results and moving the needle for your business. You will walk away with knowing the 5 key elements to pay attention to and manage at all times in order to ensure your company produces impressive results that will delight you and your investors if you have any.

Olivia Omega
Arezou Zarafshan
Liz Oertle
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