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Monday, Sep 14
5:30pm — 6:30pm
Virtual Panel
120 attending

Endeavor Colorado Presents - Going Big: Thinking beyond a successful startup to building one of Colorado’s next largest employers

Endeavor is a global organization supporting High-Growth Scaling Entrepreneurs in 65 cities around the world. Endeavor Colorado launched at DSW in 2019 to identify and support entrepreneurs who are going big and have the opportunity to build one of the largest employers in Colorado.

In this panel, you’ll hear from top executives and founders in our local community, who have scaled some of the largest businesses in Colorado, on how they think differently when looking at “Going Big” in their business. Also, hear their advice to & reactions from entrepreneurs who are actively scaling businesses today.

Panelists will include:

Teresa Taylor, Board Member at TMobile, Blackhills Energy, and Endeavor Colorado, Former COO Qwest
Eric Remer, CEO at EverCommerce and Board Member at Endeavor Colorado
Fred Kneip, Founder & CEO at CyberGRX and Endeavor Entrepreneur
Robin Mcintosh, Co-Founder & CEO at WorkIt Health and Endeavor Entrepreneur
Moderated by: Scott Miller, Managing Director of Endeavor Colorado

Erik Mitisek
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