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Thursday, Sep 17
4:00pm — 5:30pm
Virtual Panel
124 attending

Chicken vs. The Egg: What comes first — Product Development or Patent Protection

Equal parts product development and intellectual property might be the recipe to success for you, but what comes first? Come listen in as we chat about different situations that call for a different approach. Dave Eyvazzadeh of Voz Patents, Schuyler Livingston of Link Product Development, and Dave Ratner of Creative Law Network chat about their chicken vs. egg views of the world surrounding physical products. Not sure where to start? Product Development, Trademarks, or Patents? That's exactly what we plan to dig into.

Schuyler Livingston designs products from sketch to manufacture on a small team of talented designers and engineers. The goal — to improve the lives of the people that interact with their products in a wide range of industries including medical, toys, housewares, bikes, electronics, and other outdoor goods.

Dave Ratner channeled his passion for music – and all creative arts – into Creative Law Network, a law firm built specifically for creative professionals. And he built a team at Creative Law Network that is passionate about the arts, ensuring creative work is protected, and helping creatives leverage the law to maximize the value of their work.

Dave Eyvazzadeh spent years cutting his teeth on the development of new technology, prior to becoming a patent agent. With years of product development experience and dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Dave holds an innate ability to view problems and products from multiple perspectives. He now uses that background and ability to help others protect their inventions.

David Eyvazzadeh
Schuyler Livingston
Dave Ratner
Michael Ostrow
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