2020 Schedule

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Monday, Sep 14
8:00am — 8:15am
Virtual Individual Presentation
579 attending

DSW Blitz: Big Lessons, Lightning Fast | Become more focused, be more productive, and burn out less.

In a world with more distractions, choices, and consequences than ever before, it’s vital that we are in control of our minds, schedules, and day-to-days or else before we know it, 8-40 hours will pass by with us feeling as if we never accomplished anything at all.

Join us in this workshop / talk to learn actionable strategies and techniques to build structure into your days and weeks to give you the most satisfaction and productivity with the least stress and burn out.

Topics we'll cover:

  • How to outline and plan your days & weeks ahead of time
  • The science behind how often and how to take breaks
  • Working in designated sprints and time blocks
  • How meditation can make you more productive and burn out less
  • Actionable advice & strategies on how to implement this into your routine
  • How to use the free downloadable pdf handout to structure your days & weeks
Jake Cohen
Hybrid Events for 2020
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