2020 Schedule

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Friday, Sep 18
11:00am — 12:00pm
Virtual Panel
245 attending

The Seven Deadly Sins of Product Liability

Your product design is original. Your product manufacturing is flawless. Your marketing is killing it. Every day is Disneyland (Pre-Coronavirus Disneyland). And then, out of nowhere, you’re hit with product liability lawsuits. What went wrong when you thought you did everything right? This panel will discuss the Seven Deadly Sins of product liability. The sins you absolutely must avoid if you want to turn your short-term success into long-term viability.

The panelists will be a group of experienced product liability attorneys from Holland & Hart: Brent Johnson, Nathan Archibald, Lee Gray, and Maureen Witt.

Joe Ramirez
Lee Gray
Ryan Margoles
Nathan Archibald
Brent Johnson
Maureen Witt
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