2020 Schedule

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Tuesday, Sep 15
4:00pm — 5:00pm
Virtual Workshop
182 attending

Purpose-Driven Partnership - Lifting Entrepreneurs to Change the World

Let’s get real! We know conferences are all about networking. We will ask you to network; NO, we will ask you to do more and dive into a rich, interactive workshop! At Soles4Souls and Street Business School, we believe in people’s power to unleash good in the world. We want to showcase our partnership and work, which has furthered both organization’s ability to impact poverty alleviation through entrepreneurship. The world has taught us the core principles relevant to entrepreneurs and people everywhere. We will share lessons on Belief, Partnership, and Inspiration, giving you concrete tools to amplify your work. Together, we can reach further and transform lives worldwide.

President & CEO of Soles4Souls, Buddy Teaster, uses a mix of entrepreneurship, C-level leadership skills, and extensive non-profit experience to lead Soles4Souls, the largest not-for-profit shoe and apparel social enterprise in the US. Teaster’s experience at Soles4Souls and its global economic impact is chronicled in his book, shoestrings: How Your Donated Shoes and Clothes Help People Pull Themselves Out of Poverty. In addition to being an author, Teaster is a seasoned public speaker and a passionate runner; you can reach him at buddyt@soles4souls.org.

As President and CEO of Street Business School, Devin Hibbard does more than just lead strategically. She is a pioneer who moves and inspires people with innovative ideas, trusted expertise, and thoughtful direction. With 20 years of experience in social entrepreneurship and women’s economic empowerment, she’s devoted to creating a more amazing world that’s equitable and without extreme poverty. She also speaks, teaches, and mentors on the power of belief and how to bring about positive and lasting change in our lifetime.
Also, please see here a link to her page on our site: https://www.streetbusinessschool.org/devin-hibbard-ceo/

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Devin Hibbard
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