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Friday, Sep 20
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Capital One Café
109 attending

Spreadsheet from Hell: Managing your Business or Costing you Money

Revision and inventory control can make or break your StartUp; as your hardware startup gains momentum, there are a million things to worry about, and spreadsheets seem like a cheap and flexible way to keep track of vital information. A parts list with vendor info; versioning; BOMs; how much inventory you have and where. Easy, right?

Unless you’re a spreadsheet hero then your data will be disconnected, have redundancies, and likely contain mistakes. Plus, there’s no user-level security, you can break stuff without noticing, and the file can just disappear.

The first time you have a vendor make something to the wrong version will be inconvenient at best, certainly costly, and might put you out of business at worst.

Listen to this panel of industry experts explain why it’s important to have a robust, reliable system for keeping your revision history and inventory management before it bites you.

Toby Dallas, Founder and CEO of Parts Dashboard
Toby is a mechanical engineer who’s spent two decades designing new products for manufacturers in industries from building hardware to medical devices, mostly for small to mid-sized companies. Parts Dashboard is a software platform that combines elements of product and application lifecycle management with simplified inventory control to enable your hardware business to seamlessly keep track of project, design, process, and inventory information.

Chad Richardson, Founder and CEO of Mozzo ERP
Chad has 24 years of experience in helping companies, from Fortune 100 to 1-man teams, manage inventory and optimize fulfillment. He founded Mozzo to bring these essentials to the small and medium business market at a cost that makes it easy to afford.

Jenney Loper, Director of Operations, Fractional COO of Zebulon Solutions
Jenney founded JSL Solutions in 2007, an operations consulting company that Zebulon Solutions acquired in July 2019. As Zebulon Solutions’ Director of Operations, she specializes in helping start-up companies build their operational business infrastructure for scalable growth. Her extensive operations expertise spans supply chain management, new product introduction, manufacturing transition, quality resolution, and manufacturing process development.