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Friday, Sep 20
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Location TBA
253 attending

Ship It or Keep Building: When is a Product Ready to Launch?

Many companies struggle with the tension of exactly when a product is ready for primetime. A public facing launch faces questions on just how minimal product features can be, how elegant the code needs to be and how many bugs are permissible. The equation of what works changes at each stage of growth, so what worked for the last launch might not work for the next. As companies mature, companies ability to scale will also rest on how fundamentally strong products are. This session will share lessons from product leaders share on what they’ve gotten right and when they’ve wanted do-overs.

Jake Meier, CTO of Uplight
Joni Klippert, CEO of StackHawk
Isaac Hepworth, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft
Vikas Reddy, Founder of Occipital
Ian Cairns, Director of Product, Developer Platforms at Twitter