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Tuesday, Sep 16
3:30pm — 5:00pm
Spire Digital
307 attending

Kill the Artist — This is Business

What’s the difference between art and design? Do you know when you are being sold art, instead of design?

We will discuss how design can get in the way of lean product development and when design should get a seat at the table.

A mediocre product with really good design, is still a mediocre product. The design can not make a bad idea better. However, even the best product idea can be severely compromised and reduced by bad design which fails to express the true value of the product or gets in the way of using a product effectively.

As SpireMedia’s Creative Director, Ian T. Nordeck believes digital has fundamentally changed the design process and design must evolve to keep in step. A traditional approach to design falls short when trying to deliver digital content and Ian should know. He spent much of his career as a traditional designer who banged his head against digital projects resulting in destroyed budgets, frustrated clients and burned out teams. After being introduced to agile product development, Ian discovered a future in design that through a new way of thinking promotes speed, collaboration, transparency and value for clients and creates design / development teams that are empowered, efficient and happy.

Digital is a mindset, not simply a medium. Embracing the digital mindset allows you to solve today’s problems today and through testing and research constantly modify your approach to never fall behind.

Food & Beverage provided.

Hosted by: SpireMedia