2014 Schedule

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Tuesday, Sep 16
8:00am — 11:00am
MCA Denver
264 attending

Caffeine, Bits & Pixels 3: Flexible Product Design from Whiteboard to MVP

Come join us at the MCA Denver for breakfast, coffee, and a panel discussion to kick off a day of design and technology crossover sessions and expand your network of design and technology-minded individuals.

Our speakers this year will be Gabe Varela and Geoffrey Thomas:

In the fast-paced world of lean software product design, it’s critical not just to build a quality product, but to build a product that stays flexible and adaptable as your understanding of your business evolves. You need build a cross-functional team that can iterate intelligently and efficiently, and equip them with a tools that lay the groundwork for a growing product, all without painting yourself into a corner or breaking the bank. It’s a tall order to be sure. Join Gabe Varela (director and developer at Mode Set) and Geoffrey Thomas (UX/UI designer and founder of Guiceworks) as they walk you through their approach to the product design process. They’ll introduce the critical concepts and processes to get things off on the right foot, and review several useful case studies to show how you can implement this approach in your own company.

Doors open at 8 for breakfast and networking. Presentation will begin at 9.

Hosted by: MCA | Denver Startup Week Design & Tech Track Chairs