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Thursday, Sep 19
2:00pm — 3:30pm
173 attending

Co-Founding Is a Serious Commitment – Are You Ready to Get Hitched?

Like any good relationship, co-founders depend on excellent communication and clear boundaries. The best way to work with your founder is likely not a handshake but rather an operating or founder agreement. But how do you have “the talk” without making things awkward? What are the key expectations you need to set today to avoid heart-break (or financial disaster) tomorrow?

This panel will provide practical solutions to the complicated discussions between founders starting a company. We’ll cover the best (and worst) approaches to these conversations, the intricacies of drafting an agreement between founders and the necessity of good governance and future planning.

The panel will feature startup veterans who have seen co-founder relationships that range from “true love” to “Jerry Springer”. Come hear perspectives of experienced co-founders and the lawyers who negotiate the partnerships – or fight the breakup battles!

Location TBA

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