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Tuesday, Sep 17
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Jake Jabs Center at CU Denver - 5th Floor (Laube Commons)
257 attending

Speed Legal: Starting, Growing, and Funding Your Business

Founders face pivotal decisions in the early stage, from initial incorporation to HR, stock options, and IP strategies. Then, there’s funding, growth, and exit. The pitfalls are perilous if sound decisions don’t start at the beginning. No matter where you are in the startup journey, this program has something for you. In an interactive 90 minutes, attendees can select specific tracks. Need IP help? Join the rapid-fire roundtables on patent strategies and IP protection. Looking to make the first hires? Evaluating funders? Dedicated roundtables will be set up to address all key startup legal issues. In small groups, you’ll learn from experts and peers in a dynamic learning environment.

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Jake Jabs Center at CU Denver - 5th Floor (Laube Commons) (1475 Lawrence Street, 5th Floor Laube Commons)