2019 Schedule

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Wednesday, Sep 18
8:00am — 9:30am
Capital One Café
125 attending

Adulting & Accessibility in the Age of Tech

Four up-and-coming fintech startups will share the essentials of "adulting" (finances, homebuying, and ongoing education) in the digital age. These players prioritize social impact as well as how to win in the marketplace: Initialized Capital portfolio company Landed supports educators on their path to buying a home; Bessemer Ventures portfolio company Guild Education provides education as an employee benefit for large employers like Walmart and Taco Bell; Kresge Foundation grant winners Savi, a student loan repayment optimization platform; and, Denver-based Achroma, creators of an empowering anti-bias mortgage marketplace. Attendees will learn how to innovate for good in stagnant, unsexy industries.

Alex Lofton, Co-Founder, Landed (Moderator & Panelist)
Chandler Koglmeier, Vice President, Product and GM, Marketplace Expansion, Guild Education (Panelist)
Lindsay Clark, Head of Partnerships, Savi (Panelist)
Ben Hale, VP of Operations, Achroma (Panelist)