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Wednesday, Sep 18
10:00am — 11:30am
Industry RiNo Station
298 attending

Designing across generations: How to build a product that appeals to a diverse consumer base

We continue to be inundated with emerging tech and new solutions. Introducing products into a crowded market requires a unique level of innovation, as they must appeal across generations - from tech-adept millennials to baby boomers that would feel comfortable using it. Learn from product designers on how to create an engaging product that appeals to all ages.

The panel will be moderated by Dave Bacon: founder and CEO of BWBacon Group. Confirmed panelists include Nabeel Meghji: Chief Product Officer of DispatchHealth, Christian Dwyer: Chief Product Officer of DHI Group, Rob McKinney: Head of Product at Strive Health and Kathy Wells: CEO and founder of Serenity App