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Tuesday, Sep 17
4:00pm — 5:30pm
DLR Group
281 attending

You FINALLY have customers... now how do you keep them: let's talk churn mitigation and health scores

Is the success of your business model driven by subscription renewals? With efforts made towards churn mitigation directly impacting multiple KPI’s, what metrics are you capturing to drive actions that ensure your company’s retention goals are achieved?

Customer health scores have defined the way we strategically work with our customers. The development of these health scores has provided a data driven, proactive approach to actions taken by product, account management, customer success and sales. Through our panel of experts, we’ll take a deep dive into the key metrics that indicate risk and success across your customer base as well as how to implement a process that will provide direction around where to best allocate efforts to achieve negative net churn.

Meet our awesome panelists:

Colleen Callahan: Colleen has a passion for creating and scaling amazing customer experiences for early to mid stage start ups. She's currently at Choozle, a programmatic advertising technology platform, and has lead the customer organizations at Trulia.com, TapInfluence and Kapost.

Stacie Ward: Stacie is a passionate servant leader devoted to relentlessly pursuing the best possible customer outcomes through building amazing teams and iterating on the process of delivering those outcomes most effectively. I have been ensuring long-term customer value and revenue retention in Sales Leadership and Customer Success roles for SaaS and traditional software organizations throughout my career.

Keely Nolan: Keely Nolan has worked in technology across sales, consulting, and account management to achieve the same objective - helping customers find new opportunities amidst their business challenges. This passion launched her career in Customer Success. Keely is currently at GoSpotCheck growing a team of Enterprise Customer Success Managers bent on creating exceptional experiences for customers looking to improve data insights from their field teams. She lives in Denver and enjoys skiing, hiking, traveling, scary movies, and painfully awkward humor.

Cassie Heringer: Cassie worked closely with the team at Well Data Labs to research, develop and manage their customer health scores. She has worked as an Account Manager, both in and outside of tech for a large corporation and fast growing start-ups. Cassie's passionate about delivering optimal service to clients and building authentic relationships while partnering with determined, strategic and collaborative teammates to do so.