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Wednesday, Sep 18
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Jake Jabs Center at CU Denver - 5th Floor (Laube Commons)
182 attending

CS & Sales Delivering unified Customers First experiences

Customer Expectations are higher than they've ever been in both the consumer and b2b space. Customers want a frictionless sales experience, effortless onboarding, quick time to value AND expect an overall delightful experience at every interaction. This is a tall task for even the best tech companies with a solid product and expert customer facing teams. Hear from local Sales and CS leaders on the challenges and strategies they've used in delivering an exceptional customer experiences along the buying>onboarding>growing>advocating customer journey. Learn what works to keep the teams focused on the right customer outcomes but also meeting their department goals of net new revenue for Sales and retention/growth for CS. Moderator: Denise Franklin-Board Member at Alpin.io and Verblio. Former VP of Revenue at SendGrid Panelists: Jordan Olivero-Swimlane, Kristin Ferraro-Wordpress.com VIP, Ryan DiStefano- Carbon Black, Amy Mustoe-The Success League and Sheik Ayube-ESG.

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Jake Jabs Center at CU Denver - 5th Floor (Laube Commons) (1475 Lawrence Street, 5th Floor Laube Commons)