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Wednesday, Sep 17
10:30am — 11:30am
Galvanize (Golden Triangle) - No Sessions
219 attending

Six Unexpected Things Physical Product Development Taught Me About User Experience Design

This event discusses how user experience design can be enhanced through the understanding and process of designing physical products. Lead by Anthony Franco, President of Effective UI, one of the worlds leading UX firms, and CEO of Comsero, a product design start-up in Denver.

While developing his first physical product, mcsquares, Anthony will discuss how he learned to be a better “UX Professional” throughout the product design process, the functional prototyping, the field testing and research and finally manufacturing.

Come and learn how Anthony discovered how designers must “own” their product and the importance of the lead designer on a product being held accountable for owning one, and only one, product at a time.

Explore the relationship between the product designer and the product engineer and see how having significant responsibility in design allows for a better understanding of how things are built.

Hosted by: mcsquares | EffectiveUI