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Thursday, Sep 19
12:00pm — 1:30am
WorkAbility Uptown at the Sudler
269 attending

The Caregiving Crisis – Creating Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

We have a caregiver crisis in the U.S. And it’s complex! By the year 2026, the Caregiving Shortage could mean 7.8 million unfilled jobs, presenting one of the biggest industry-wide challenges for senior living, home health, state government, corporations, older people and families. As an economic-driver in the industry, this also presents enormous opportunity for innovation! Inventiveness and technology are a must.

In this session, you’ll:
• Hear the very real challenges faced by the industry across the nation
• Learn about some new businesses and technologies working to solve these issues
• Understand some of the wins and mis-steps both businesses and entrepreneurs had along the way

Panel Members:

  • Karen Brown, CEO & Chief Innovations Guru - iAging and Aging2.0 Denver Chapter - Ambassador
  • Jayne Keller, VP Operations, Christian Living Communities
  • Francis LeGasse, President and Chief Operations Officer, Assured Assisted Living
  • Katherine Wells, CEO and Founder, Serenity
  • John Gray, COO and Co-Founder, iEldra
  • Doug Kittelsen, CTO and Co-Founder, CareTribe
  •   Sarah Elliot, Care Transitions Coordinator - Vivage Senior Living
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WorkAbility Uptown at the Sudler (1576 Sherman Street)