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Wednesday, Sep 26
5:30pm — 7:30pm
Big Trouble
145 attending

That's What She Said! A Femvertising Panel

The use of “femvertising”—marketing to women with themes of feminism—has steadily risen as the modern-day women’s rights movement gains huge popularity. But, are you marketing to females successfully?

Feminism isn’t just a tagline, it’s a mindset that has raised the stakes for brands who want to engage female consumers. Join us as we take a deeper look at the trend towards more provocative feminist marketing, and hear from a panel of Denver women who are empowering others to do the same through their work. We will look at trends on a local and national level, hear about the inspiration behind them, and discuss the good, the bad and the dirty of it all.

Walk away with expert advice on how to successfully market to females, and how to make your brand stand out amongst this crowd. The evening will include a panel discussion followed by networking, cocktails and music by DJ L.A. Zwicky.

Shalisa Pouw, Moderator, Community Marketing, Bumble
Bree Neely, Moderator, Direct Object Communications
Bryn Carter, Co-Founder, Safeword
Shayla Preeshl, Co-Founder, Safeword
Brianna Corn, digital artist and designer, Wunder Werkz, Big Trouble
Hannah May, Co-Founder, HER Creative Media
L.A. Zwicky, DJ, Hairstylist, SASS Capacity

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