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Wednesday, Sep 26
8:00am — 9:30am
Code Talent
232 attending

The B Word! Budgeting for Founders 101

When most people get excited about the idea of starting their own business, they’re usually not thinking about budgeting. Let’s face it: budgeting your business’s finances is necessary and important, but it’s usually not too fun. Many small business owners—especially newer entrepreneurs eager to get started—just see it as a necessary evil.

The trick to budgeting? Doing it smartly. The more you can save without cutting corners, the better off your business will be—and the more you’ll enjoy it. Learn from this panel on the best tips they know and the mistakes they've made.


Connie Kercher - Served at Gannon University as Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement and Leadership Development before opening Switchboard Networking Boutique in September 2016. Switchboard Networking Boutique serves business owners in event and office spaces to host networking, workshops, masterminds and face to face engagement tools.

Donna Evans - Ran the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce for nine years and it is where she got her true heart for entrepreneurs. Most of them work very hard but never realize the financial success that they hoped. At the Chamber, Donna had the opportunity to work with hundreds of business owners to help them to grow their businesses.

Gordon Seirup - Founded Copper Leaf Creative in 2011 with the vision to create a small, elite, agile-minded team that builds websites that make profound impacts on our clients’ businesses. Six years and just over a million dollars later, so far so good!

Johanna Voss - Runs a boutique talent agency for female influencers and keynote speakers. She helps personal brands, entrepreneurs, influencers, brand ambassadors and speakers, expand their reach and impact (while staying sane in the process).


Michelle Jackson - Is a creativepreneur running the websites "Michelle is Money Hungry" that covers content related to personal finance, creating your best life through flexible entrepreneurship, and self-care. She also runs the Colorado focused website "Square State" where she shares all things Colorado and grows awareness of Colorado: businesses, brands, and influencers.