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Tuesday, Sep 25
10:00am — 11:30am
382 attending

Don’t Go Pitching Without One: Your Financing Narrative

Raising money is never easy, but a strong starting point helps as the initial conversations around your financing needs will go a long way in determining the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts.

To help get off on the right foot, you need a financing narrative: A succinct presentation of the key facts potential funders and investors will want to know quickly. The narrative covers such elements as:
-- where does your business stand today
-- what is the need
-- what are you willing to sacrifice for the cash

Your clear grasp of these concepts and others will help you streamline your pitch on what’s important to this focused audience.

This workshop session is designed to help you craft a financing narrative, with insights and guidance from:
-- Zach Hummel, Relationship Manager, Chase Business Banking
-- Dianna Martinez, Small Business Banking Manager, Guaranty Bank
-- Kerby Meyers, Founder, The Communications Refinery