2018 Schedule

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Wednesday, Sep 26
6:00pm — 8:00pm
Four Winds Interactive
352 attending

The 50-Year Plan - Creating a Timeless Cannabis Brand Identity and Strategy

Moderated by Ricardo Baca Grasslands: A Journalism-Minded Agency

Guest Speakers:
Josh Shaw - Mother & Clone
Amy Andrle - L’Eagle
Amanda Fox - Pioneer Interests
Eduardo Whittington - Lobo Cannagars
Adam Smith - Avitas
Heather Larimer - 1906
Ryan Cook - The Clinic

About The 50-Year Plan:
Why do brands like Levis, Coke, Chanel, adidas, and Johnnie Walker feel timeless? Did their founders have the foresight to think of the long game? Did they predict they would need to stay relevant a century (and more) on? Were they pioneers in their industries or did they have a blueprint to follow? Are there mis-steps in being too trendy, current, and literal? What can we learn from brands that were short-sighted and now feel dated?

In this session our panelists will also dive into what they have learned from non-cannabis sectors and how they navigate through an industry without a past.