Growing your Cannabis . . . Business
Thursday 9/27
4:00pm — 5:30pm
25 attending

Session Outline: Join us for a two-hour session featuring three of Denver’s experienced Cannabis business owners and investors. They will discuss strategies for scaling your cannabis business to the next level. Topics include; managing business and compliance processes, interacting with investors and raising capital, as well as teambuilding and leveraging technology resources. This session will be a blend of formal presentation from our key-note speakers as well as plenty of small group time to interact with them and get your questions answered.
A two-hour session focused on bringing the small to medium sized Cannabis business to break out performance. Whether it be a grow, edible maker, or retail outlet. Our session is going to focus on three main areas: how to organize your business around sophisticated process and compliance practices, how to present to and raise money from investors, and team building and technology.

Location TBA