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Tuesday, Sep 25
12:00pm — 1:30pm
HotBox ERP Lounge
317 attending

Cannabis: The future is female

Today we will highlight just a few of the powerful and beautiful women who help shape and mold the cannabis industry today. Discussion will be based on what it takes to be a successful woman in the cannabis industry from seed to sale. Furthermore, we will explore how we can continue to collaborate with and help other women fall into decision making roles. Together, as women, not only do we lift each other up, but together we contribute to building a stronger cannabis industry. The cannabis industry is the first industry with more female CEOs than male CEOs; the future of cannabis is female.

Tyler Vines - Has been actively working in the cannabis industry since 2009. She is currently the VP and Director of Retail operations for Natural Selections dispensary. Tyler has helped grow cannabis businesses from one store to several. Her next endeavor will be taking a company from the Colorado market and expanding to several stores across Massachusetts. She has experience building a business from the ground up over medical and retail markets, as well as in multiple states.

Erika Lindenauer - Currently is the Marketing Manager for Northern Lights Cannabis
Co. Originally an Ohio native and Ohio University graduate, She have lived in Colorado and been working in the cannabis industry specifically for Northern Lights for 5 years; my background largely rooted in Organizational Communication and Management, Erika specializes in business development, marketing, advertising, branding, and cultivating strong collaborative B2B relationships. Her experience grew from developing a mom and pop, start-up company into a highly competitive brand in the cannabis sector all while maintaining healthy company culture and major brand recognition.

Shannon Donnelly - With an impressive 11 years operation experience in the cannabis industry she has helped founders build their companies. Alongside that she also works with existing companies to strengthen their infrastructure. From businesses with 1 location to 13 locations, Shannon has experience with operations, training, sales, building infrastructure and funding start-ups. Shannon is also an owner of three businesses, Higher Standard, Healthy Honeys and Wild Women of Weed Podcast.

Trisha Williams - The Founder and CEO of two Colorado based cannabis companies, LEIFFA & LoCol Love, Mrs. Williams delivers a high end branded product that focuses on superior quality, exclusive genetics, and a unique experience. Prior to her role in the cannabis industry she held executive level positions for over 15 years in finance, strategy and operations in various industries including alternative medicine and professional services. Experienced in business development, product development, compliance, distribution and sales, she brings a fresh perspective to the cannabis market with a focus on quality standard practices and consumer education. Now launching into the consulting segment of the market Trisha is taking other companies to the next level in hopes that the market can set a new standard of business uniformly across state lines.