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Monday, Sep 24
2:30pm — 4:00pm
The Warehouse at Cultivated Synergy
603 attending

How to Win Customers and Influence People

People spend an average of 1.7 hours per day on social networks – more time than personal email and search engines combined. As a result, we’ve become a society whose purchase behavior is heavily influenced by those we choose to connect with online. We’re also a society suffering from ad fatigue, ad fraud, and ad blockers. When people get overwhelmed, they tend to revert back to the things they trust, like human relationships.

This gives influencer marketing a major advantage over other digital advertising methods. Following our best practices from leading consumer brands, join us to learn how to harness the power of insights, ideas and content people trust.

Join Lyle Stevens, Co-Founder and CEO of Mavrck to understand and implement the latest in digital. Core topics range from influencer marketing, paid social, and AI to content marketing, data and analytics, code-free digital experience, brand safety, fraud detection, and more.