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Thursday, Sep 27
10:00am — 11:30am
Basecamp Launched by Chase for Business
399 attending

All Together Now: Managing Remote Employees and Offices

When it comes to building a workforce, more companies are seeking alternative options to build out their talent pool, whether it’s satellite offices or remote employees. Yet expanding the workforce geographically has multiple tradeoffs, such as creating a cohesive culture when there isn’t a central water cooler or learning to communicate so everyone is in lockstep. This panel will look at managing employees when you’re not face to face and how it’s still possible to build rapport, be available to employees, have a shared culture and ensure all employees are in the know.

Jake Meier, CTO at Tendril
Greg Greenstreet, Sr Dir. Engineering at Splunk
Ken Apple, VP Support & Customer Ops at Sendgrid
Sabrina Kelly, VP People Operations at Techstars