2018 Schedule

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Tuesday, Sep 25
4:00pm — 5:30pm
WorkAbility Uptown at the Sudler
152 attending

Tech Enabled Services - Utilizing technology to fuel disruption in service based industries.

Panel Description: There are a lot of service based industries that could utilize technology to help create efficiency and allow skilled specialists to focus on the empathy and service aspects of their role. On this panel, we will discuss how technology can enable a service based business to run more effectively and provide better outcomes for its customers.


  • Donnie Flood, CTO, Guild Education
  • Amit Shah, Head of Operations & Patient Success, Virta Health
  • Caleb Olthoff, VP of Technology, Evolve Vacation Rental Network

Key Questions We Hope To Address:
How are your company's using tech to scale a service based business?
Are there role model companies you currently follow who have successfully scaled tech enabled services? What can we learn from them?
What are the challenges that you face that might be different from a pure service or tech company?
By utilizing tech, where does your service team focus, and what business outcomes has that resulted in, if anything?
What should you be mindful of as you build this type of business?
Do your service based employees worry about technology displacing their roles? How do you help them process this?
What applications from traditional tech do you think are most relevant for service based businesses?