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Wednesday, Sep 26
2:00pm — 3:30pm
297 attending

Scaling Healthcare Technologies (Compliance in the Cloud)

The rise in Healthcare technological innovation has all the makings of a digital revolution. An independent study estimates that the Global Healthcare IT market will be worth $280 Billion by 2021! That staggering growth comes from a demand for healthcare IT solutions that reduce healthcare costs while adhering to regulatory requirements. With such high demand, you’d think entrepreneurs would be lining up in droves, but it’s not just entrepreneurs leading the charge. The American Hospital Association (AHA) surveyed 44 CEOs and 273 other hospital leaders and found investments in innovation had grown significantly over the last few years. “Leadership buy-in is no longer a barrier to digital innovation. Leaders are strongly unified in their belief that digital innovation is a necessity, a priority at their health system,” AHA authors said.

To visualize some of this potential, imagine what kind of health data now streams from our smartphones and smartwatches; there are many new frontiers awaiting breakthroughs in AI and Machine Learning. All of this puts the Healthcare industry at a turning point - in an industry where data is so heavily regulated, will its growth be stunted by outdated legislation?

Join me for a conversation on scaling Healthcare Technologies and Maintaining Compliance. If you’ve wondered how the power of cloud computing can be leveraged while staying within the guidelines of HIPAA compliance - you’ll want to put this talk on your schedule.

We’ll look at some example scaling challenges, define what it means to be compliant, and examine how to safely and securely manage Personal Health Information (PHI) in the cloud. We’ll also take a look at cloud computing providers and additional services they can provide the Healthcare Industry. To do this, I’m going to explore how data can be handled in the cloud to maximize security (e.g. data anonymization) while reducing operating costs. Lastly, we’ll look at actual use cases and information architectures of companies that successfully migrated their Healthcare Tech to the cloud.

Frank Valcarcel is Director of Operations at Cuttlesoft, a creative product development agency.