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Monday, Sep 24
2:00pm — 3:30pm
WeWork Tabor Center
519 attending

Crush It! A Guide to Lean Startup Sales

As a founder, you wear many hats. From accountant to janitor you do it all. For most companies, the essential hat a founder wears is that of a salesperson. Convincing someone to buy what you’re selling is at the heart of your business.

The answer, of course, is developing a customer acquisition framework critical to scaling any company. How do you turn strangers into leads? How do you transform leads into prospects? Ultimately how do you make more sales? In a world where you can get overwhelmed with data, what are the key indicators of your success?

In this session, Chris Franks a leader in of growth marketing and Jay Mays a leader in startup sales will teach you to the skills and techniques you need to become an expert in finding your perfect customer, starting a conversation, qualifying and shepherding the deal to close. From ads to demos you will walk away with a new approach to finding customers for your startup.