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Thursday, Sep 28
4:00pm — 5:30pm
General Assembly (Classroom 1)
180 attending

The Entrepreneur’s Journey – Funding, Product Development, and Manufacturing

Fireside chat of how successful entrepreneurs overcame the challenges of developing their IoT products. Dive into two entrepreneur's journeys bringing their products to market despite obstacles with funding, prototyping, manufacturing, and more.

Learn how Richter's passion and cause brought together experts to develop a solution to bring their Smart Water Quality Monitor to market with his team's product WaterBot.

Hear Crowley and team's story on how they are building a product to achieve hospital-grade advanced sleep monitoring directly to the consumer market.

Host: Jen Beasley, Sr. Global Business Manager Arrow Electronics
Chris Crowley, Co-Founder of Eversleep
Chris Richter, Co-Founder of WaterBot

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General Assembly (Classroom 1) (3858 Walnut St)