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Tuesday, Sep 26
12:00pm — 1:30pm
199 attending

IoT: Product Launch without Wasted Time, Money and Opportunity

It's not just about parts! Modern distribution will help you slingshot your IoT device company through little known services and benefits.

IoT and Hardware developers have to source parts to build their products. When they do they mistakenly use the wrong vendors, purchasing practices, and are ignorant of the perils of mass production. By using a distribution partner, engineers can avoid typical pitfalls, like end-of-life components, and speed their product to full production with assistance in areas like financing and product design. Virtually all IoT hardware designs suffer from these problems: EoL components, lack of design assistance, thoughtful review of competing devices, consolidation of the BOM, logistics support, programming support for devices, integration of IoT and cloud services, expert design. This session will help designers get maximum value by working with modern distribution.

Hosted by: Arrow Electronics

Location TBA

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